About the project

Our aim is to support Youth Workers in fostering the Wellbeing of Youth through Nature Connection.

Our Story

We planted the seeds for this project after we finished the Training of Trainers. We all share the love and passion for nature and youth work. The topic of wellbeing came up later as a natural response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We remember the enthusiastic debates we shared on late evenings, putting together the application funding and the joy when it was approved. Our mission was huge! And we knew it! We decided to meet regularly, to debate, to explore, to share and to grow together. We met in person and we met online.


Our first stop was in the mountains of Catalonia, Spain, to connect to nature on our own. We discovered the beauty of the Pyrenees while digging deep into our professions – youth work. Here, the foundation was set: how to connect nature, wellbeing and youth work. How do these topics reflect in our work? What do we want to achieve? This was the moment we discovered that our mission was even bigger than we thought.


Our goal was to learn and research, connect, explain and improve the way we work.  We organized a two phase training course (in Slovenia and in Iceland), gathering youth workers from Cyprus, Iceland, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, and Slovenia. What a journey! We have learned about ourselves, about the different environments that surround us, while never losing our focus – how to support young people connecting to nature, their learning, and their wellbeing. 

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