Humans are an integral part of Earth’s ecosystem. Despite the individualistic view in Western society today, we’re interlinked with everything around us. Feeling this sense of deep connection and belonging to the greater whole is essential for our own well-being. That’s why we support youth workers in helping young people reconnect with nature and create a thriving future for themselves and planet Earth.

Our mission

How did we start our journey?

Belonging to Nature Team

Our journey started during COVID-19. The pandemic made us all question our lives and how we live them. Of course, everyone experienced it differently. For some people, it meant a welcome time of rest, while others suffered from mental issues and the impact on their social lives, including many young people. 

As trainers in non-formal education, we wanted to help youngsters with their struggles. That’s why we took a deep dive into our human needs and the crucial connection with the ecosystems around, between and within us. This resulted in a vast collection of educational resources, a manual of activities as well as a training programme that youth workers can tap into.

Theoretical Framework

Philosophy behind why nature connection is crucial for wellbeing of young people.​

Manual of Activities

A collection of workshops on nature connection towards holistic wellbeing.

Training Programme

A six days residential programme for a Training Course and tips for Trainers.

“We are nature and nature is us, and failing to see this simple truth is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place.”

Tonio Sadik, Director of Environment, Assembly of First Nations (Canada)

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Do you feel as passionate as us about reconnecting with nature and creating well-being for all?

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