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This is our “curious” space, where we collect and share with you the inspiring podcasts, articles, books, films and art works. 

Work That Reconnects

Joanna Macy’s work has been one of the most influential in our research. Her theory of the Spiral practice: Gratitude, Honoring our Pain, Seeing with New Eyes and Going Forth can have a transformative effect in Youth work and we strongly encourage you to..

Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature

This book is Huge! We highly encourage you to discover more, as this book will open many more horizons in exploring the holistic outdoor education. 

Braiding Sweetgrass

This book is a must to read! It’s poetic tone and beauty alongside with and so much wisdom will change the way you understand reciprocity and gratitude. 

Fantastic Fungi Documentary

Just think about it: one billion years of history.  Fungi is one of the oldest living organisms on Earth.. This documentary will marvel, fascinate and teach you a lot of interesting discoveries!

The Hidden Life of Trees

Following the inspiration from the fungi we cannot not share with you this fantastic book about how trees feel and communicate. There is also a movie, but we definitely recommend you to read the book – a much better choice!

The Last Child in the Woods

A lot of research has followed after this book publication and its theory, but it’s definitely a base to understand what impact the nature disconnection has on children and their early development. 

All about Love by bell hooks

We refer to this book in one of our articles dedicated to the importance of education about love and what role it plays in youth work and nature connection practices. Not much else to say, except: do read it! It will leave a trace in your heart and inspire to dive into the wisdom of bell hooks.


For us, poetry is a place to go when looking for one’s soul.

Here, we share with you some of our favourite poets. 

Some notes on Microbiome

If you are a fan of podcasts we suggest you get to know Zach Bush and Rich Roll. In this video they talk about so many interesting things..but foremost important: about Microbiome! We wish it was something each youth club would create programs and workshops on. Maybe You will!?

Few nice posters out there!


The poetry of our home, nature, put into shape by Andy Goldsworthy and many other artists who chose land-art as their language. Breathtaking!

The Earthing Documentary

Did you know that grounding has remarkable effects on our health? It’s simple and physics explains it! Now.. put your feet on the soil, take of your shoes and just feel it yourself..